Why You Should Speak with a Dentist About Your Sleep Apnea

General dentistry has extended beyond simple dental cleanings and dental cavity fillings in Tyson’s Corner, VA. Now, dentists around the world are trained to treat sleep apnea, and they have become a great source of information and treatment for this condition. Continue reading to learn why you should keep your dentist’s office informed about your sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea can lead to serious problems, such as increased fatigue, low productivity, depression, and a lowered immune system. Sleep apnea affects the amount of oxygen you consume while you are sleeping. If your body and brain are not receiving the correct amount of oxygen, then you are at risk for these serious symptoms, which can lead to other dangerous conditions. Speaking with your dentist can help resolve your sleep apnea and control the symptoms with different sleep apnea procedures. The most popular oral appliance supplied in dental offices is a mouthguard. This mouthguard forces your throat to stay open while you sleep. As a result, your body can receive the oxygen it needs, and you can rest easier.

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