Teeth Brushing: Tips for Encouraging Your Child

Good oral hygiene habits are important at every stage of life. Helping your child develop good brushing habits now will help him avoid oral health problems in the future. If your child is hesitant to reach for the toothbrush, you’re not alone. Fortunately, your pediatric dentist in Tyson’s Corner, VA can offer advice to help you convince your child that brushing matters. The following tips can also help. child - brushing

Make Brushing Fun

Your child may not grasp the importance of good dental care to his health, but he can understand when something is and isn’t fun to do. Make brushing fun by turning it into a game. Pick a song your child likes and play it and dance together during brushing. Create a star chart that helps your child earn rewards for every time he brushes. If you have more than one child, turn brushing into a competition in which they earn rewards for brushing the most often without being told. Anything you can do to incentivize brushing will help to convince your child to get the job done.

Involve Them While Shopping

Help your child feel ownership of the experience by involving him when you are shopping for dental care products. Let your child pick out a toothbrush that is suitable for his hands—many kids’ toothbrushes feature favorite characters, which can help get your child excited about brushing. Let him choose toothpaste, as well. Kids may not be the biggest fans of traditional minty flavors, but they may love picking out a fruity flavor or bubblegum flavor and their very own tube of toothpaste.

Check for Oral Problems

In some cases, when kids don’t want to brush, an underlying dental problem could be to blame. If your child is particularly stubborn about not brushing, then take him to the pediatric dentist for a checkup. Tooth sensitivity and cavities that are untreated can make brushing uncomfortable for kids, but a visit to the pediatric dentist can help.

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