Answering Your Questions About Gum Recontouring

Gum recontouring is considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure, because it often addresses embarrassing smiles with too much or too little gum. If you have considered this cosmetic dentistry procedure near Tyson’s Corner, VA, then you may have a few different questions. Understanding your candidacy for the procedure—and how it can provide you with better oral health—is necessary to know what you can expect from this cosmetic dentistry procedure. Let’s look at the answers to your questions about gum recontouring. gum - surgery

What makes me a candidate for gum recontouring?

There are a few ways to be considered for gum recontouring, such as having an uneven gum line, a gummy smile, or a toothy smile. If you feel embarrassed by your gum placement whenever you smile, then your cosmetic dentist may be able to address the issue with gum recontouring. Your dentist will examine your gum and dental health to ensure that your treatment will be a success. If you are a good candidate, then you can schedule a gum recontouring session with your dental office.

How does laser recontouring differ from traditional procedures?

Traditional gum recontouring procedures typically require the use of a scalpel, sutures, and several weeks of recovering. This can cause more bleeding, higher risk of infection, and more pain. Laser gum recontouring, however, will provide your gums with a more precise and less traumatic experience that will result in little to no bleeding and a much lower risk of infection. Due to the instant cauterization by the laser, it is unlikely that you will require sutures, and your recovery time will be much quicker.

Can gum recontouring correct my other dental concerns?

Gum recontouring can reduce your risk of developing gum disease or gum recession. These are concerns to address and correct with your dentist, because they will influence the health of your teeth, gums, and overall immune system. However, it is crucial to speak with your dentist about your dental concerns before relying on this procedure. Gum disease treatment and gum recession correction should be advised by your dentist.

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