How Can I Prevent Plaque Buildup?

Plaque can happen to anyone, so it can happen to you if you don’t take the right preventative measures. When plaque builds up on your teeth and turns into tartar, only someone at your dental office in Merrifield can remove it. The good news is that you can prevent it from occurring in the first place by committing to your dental hygiene, seeing your dentist regularly, and being cognizant of what makes up your diet. Make sure you’re armed with the right dental cleaning tools and continue reading to see how you can prevent plaque buildup.

Since plaque can lead to serious oral health issues like periodontal disease and tooth decay, you should do what you can to stop it from building up on your teeth. Part of this comes down to your dental hygiene, as is the case with just about every oral health condition. Forgetting to brush and floss your teeth every day gives plaque a chance to grow, so make sure you stick to the schedule. See your dentist for thorough cleanings to remove any existing plaque, and consider your diet. Water, as well as vegetables like celery, can help clean off your teeth after a meal and flush out debris.

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