TMJ: Recognizing the Symptoms

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the connection between your jaw and the rest of your skull. When complications with this joint arise, you may experience many unpleasant symptoms. Proper dental care in Fall’s Church may be able to alleviate your symptoms, but you’ll need to be able to recognize them if you want to get help. Read ahead for some help in recognizing the symptoms of TMJ.

The sooner you notice the symptoms of TMJ disorder, the sooner you can talk to the dentist and deal with the problem. People with TMJ might experience a multitude of symptoms. You might have a tough time chewing your food or even opening your mouth to speak. You might also experience tenderness or pain in your jaw area, and your jaw might lock up. This can come with swelling of the face, as well as other symptoms that you might not associate with TMJ. Ringing in your ears, headaches, and dizziness might all be related to TMJ, so don’t wait to talk to your dentist if you experience any of these issues. Once you recognize the symptoms, you can start to formulate a treatment plan with your dental care professional.

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