5 Shocking Daily Do's and Don'ts to Avoid Bad Breath

Bad breath is a chronic problem for nearly 1 in 8 people. Because of the complicated bacteria that live in our mouth, it's actually hard to avoid bad breath when we eat certain foods. For some people, that balance ends up permanently off, causing chronic bad breath.

Bad breath can make it difficult to talk to people in person. It can damage our confidence and keep us from getting close to others.

Bad breath is also avoidable, so long as there's no serious tooth decay or illness present. If you want to be able to avoid bad breath now and in the future, follow these 5 dos and donts.

1. Stay Hydrated

Doctors recommend that we drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. It keeps our internal organs functioning and can make skin look shiny and young.

It also allows your saliva to flow. This will help avoid dehydration, which allows bacteria to breed and can cause halitosis. Saliva also helps to break down any food or bad bacteria that might be kicking around the corners of your mouth.

Whenever you're about to talk to someone, take a few sips of water to ensure that your palate is clear and you can wash any staleness away.

2. Control Your Coffee Intake

While many of us enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, it's not the best for bad breath. Caffeine can get in the way of the process of saliva production and leave you with a mouth that's dry and perfect for bacteria.

For coffee drinkers who enjoy milk and sugar, you're more at risk than black coffee drinkers. While it might taste good going down, you'll be left with bad breath from that latte until you get to your toothbrush.

If you enjoy tea, that will leave your mouth tasting better and your bacteria much happier.

3. Clean Dentures Thoroughly

You need to care for dentures with the same amount of precision that you care for your teeth. They're just as susceptible to becoming a bacteria farm as your teeth are.

The same goes for any mouth guards, alignment tools, or headgear. Bacteria loves to have another surface to hide in the crevices of. Make sure you're properly soaking things regularly.

4. Floss After Meals

Food that gets stuck in your teeth will turn into fertilizer for bad bacteria. It will start to smell and help bacteria grow fast. You'll also be preventing plaque buildup.

Anything that gets stuck below your gum line can lead to an infection as well, so make sure you've always got some floss on you.

5. Change Your Toothbrush

If you're not changing your toothbrush every few months, you're helping bacteria out. You might notice the bristles start to fray after a month or two. This diminishes the effectiveness of your brush as well.

If you get sick, think about throwing your old toothbrush away. You could be cycling germs back into your body every time you brush.

Avoid Bad Breath With Diligence

Regular dental hygiene, which includes a brush and floss after every meal, will keep you in good dental health and leave your breath smelling fresh. Once you start developing bad breath, it can become a chronic issue.

If you're ready to get rid of bad breath today, contact us to get your bacteria back to their happy place.

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