Dental Implants in Tyson’s Corner

Dentures and Implants for Missing & Damaged Teeth

Whether you lose just one tooth or all of your teeth, it affects you physically and emotionally. It’s hard to chew and speak, and can affect the foods you eat, impacting your diet and nutrition. You may also be reluctant to smile or laugh openly.

We can replace missing or severely damaged teeth with natural-looking, permanent dental implants. Our specialists also place traditional and partial dentures. If possible, your dentures can be secured with mini implants. We also place metal-free crowns and bridges.

When a tooth is lost, the gap left can change the shape of your face, causing it to sag. If the gap isn’t filled, then the underlying bone begins to deteriorate, creating more sagging and wrinkles. The best solution for a missing tooth that will help prevent facial distortion is a dental implant, which is as close to having a real tooth as modern dentistry can create.

Dental Implant Procedure

The implant itself is a surgically placed titanium screw that replaces the tooth’s root. An additional piece, called an abutment, is placed on top of the screw. This implant surgery is a short procedure, with minimal discomfort.

There are two options for attaching the crown. One is to wait up to two weeks until the gums have healed from the surgery. Another is called immediate load implants, where the crowns are attached the same day that the implants are set in place. Dr. Kallas and our oral surgeon will recommend which is the better treatment option for you.

The Difference at Dr. Kallas Dental Center

There are many TV commercials for dental implant clinics, but not all dentists have the same level of training as the specialists in our dental practice. Dr. Kallas will work closely with our specialists to make sure your implants are placed for optimum health and function.

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