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Your teeth are essential organs in your body, just as your heart, lungs, and other organs. They rely on the pulp of the tooth and the tissues around the root to sustain them. The pulp is the center of the tooth’s root system where there are nerves, tiny blood vessels, and tissues. If the pulp or other parts of the root become diseased or damaged, then the root has to be removed to save the tooth. This is what is commonly called a root canal procedure.

A root canal is the most common endodontic therapy but we also treat cracked teeth or other dental trauma. Our skilled and experienced endodontists have all completed at least 2 to 3 years of advanced training in addition to earning their dental degrees. To diagnose and treat damaged or diseased teeth, we use state-of-the-art technology that allows us to view your teeth and your root system in vivid detail.

If the root is infected, this technology helps us clean the infection out completely. If the root does not need medication to clear any infection, then in most cases it can be filled the same day. If the tooth has had a very large filling or a large amount of decay, we may need to restore the tooth by placing a porcelain crown so that the tooth is protected and reinforced. Despite its reputation, a root canal procedure at Dr. Kallas Dental Center is generally painless, and often can be completed in one visit.

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