General Dentistry Information

Caring for your teeth is a full time job that not only requires care at home, but also necessitates

regular visits to the dentist’s office for cleanings and checkups. Even if you do everything right

when it comes to brushing, flossing, and avoiding habits that are potentially harmful to your

teeth, you will need to follow a schedule of general dentistry visits with your family dentist. At

Dr. Kallas Dental Center, you can find comprehensive dental care for the whole family in

Tyson’s Corner, beginning with general dentistry services to lay the foundation for your healthy


Why You Should Have a General Dentist

If you do not have a dentist for your general dentistry care, you should schedule a consultation

with our office to kick start your schedule of regular checkups. Having a general dentist manage

your care can allow you to avoid serious problems with your oral health and find specialized care

when you do need it. Below you can get a closer look at the perks of seeing one of our skilled

dentists for your general care.

Preventive Care – General dentistry services include annual checkups and biannual

cleanings, which help to preserve the health of your smile in a number of ways.

Cleanings can eliminate plaque and tartar in the most difficult to reach areas of your

smile to prevent decay and periodontal disease. With regular checkups, your dentist may

identify potential problems early on when they are easiest to treat. Cavities, for example,

are much more successfully treated when they first develop, since a small filling will be

sufficient in treating the problem. Larger cavities that have not been diagnosed early can

require much more involved treatment with a root canal and crown, because much of the

structural support of the natural tooth may be lost to untreated decay.

Dental Hygiene Tips – When you see your dentist regularly, the doctor and dental office

staff will get to know you personally and identify some key areas where your dental

hygiene at home may need improvement. From flossing tips to choosing the right

toothbrush, your general dentistry visits can offer a wealth of insight that will guide your

daily dental care.

Emergency Care Access – Unexpected injuries or toothaches can present lots of pain

and discomfort, so you will want to have a place where you can turn for emergency

dental care. Our office offers emergency dental services for our patients, so you will

never have to wait long to address urgent dental issues.

To schedule your free initial consultation with Dr. Kallas Dental Center at one of three locations

near Tyson’s Corner, give us a call at (703) 356-0250.

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