first-dental-visitYour First Visit in Tyson’s Corner

Your first visit to Dr. Kallas Dental Center is the most important. Our main focus is to accommodate your dental needs and concerns. Our team will take the time to get to know you and help you feel comfortable while the doctor performs an initial exam and draws up yours comprehensive treatment plan.

To help make your first appointment convenient for you, please download the initial patient forms and fill them out prior to your visit. Remember to bring them with you to your appointment.

Your first visit to our Center will start with a comprehensive exam which includes a full mouth digital x-ray series, digital panoramic x-ray, and professional cleaning. Our dental hygienist will also take you on a “tour” of your mouth with a tiny, hand-held intraoral camera.

The dental hygienist will carefully screen for any signs of oral cancer using the VELscope system. This system uses a blue-spectrum light that will pinpoint any abnormalities, often before they can be detected visually or by manual exam.

Our hygienist will check your gums for any sign of gingivitis or advanced gum disease and start a periodontal chart that we’ll update at future visits. We’ll clean and polish your teeth, after which Dr. Kallas will examine your teeth, review your X-rays and periodontal chart. The doctor will talk with you about your dental concerns, explain the diagnosis, and then prepare a comprehensive treatment plan for you.

We welcome any questions and discussion you might have about your treatment. Your opinion is important to us and you are always the decision-maker about your care.

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Our expert staff is happy to answer any inquiries prior to you visit!

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